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BMW Motorrad Navigator V

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MODELLO MOTOR 1200 GS 2013 - , K 1600 GT, K 1600 GTL, S 1000 XR 2015 - , R 1200 RS 2015 - , R 1200 R 2015 - , R 1200 RT 2014 -, R 1200 GS Adventure 2014 -

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BMW Motorrad Navigator V


The Navigator V’s new trip technology redefines route planning by allowing users to create longer and more detailed tours with up to 3,750 reference points per trip. The navigational instructions – e.g. via Bluetooth using the BMW Motorrad communication system –are partially spoken using real landmarks.  For example…instead of saying "turn left in 100 feet" the system can say: "turn left at the white church.”

Map zooming is finely graduated and offers navigational tools such as a lane assistant and 3D building display in many cities. Another routing feature is PhotoNavigation: Geo-coded pictures stored in the device can be clicked on to start navigating towards that location. The unit features a fully-fledged travel computer, a home function for fast routing to the home address and beeline offroad waypoint navigation.

A free Garmin Smartphone Link app is available from Google Play and iOS. After pairing the smartphone with the Navigator V, users can receive weather and traffic information. The Navigator V is compatible with the free Garmin Base Camp route planning software, which can create routes and waypoints that can be tracked and transferred to the navigation device.

Thanks to the four-button mount cradle, the waterproof and gasoline-resistant housing of the Navigator V can be mounted safely to the motorcycle and operated even while wearing gloves. On the R 1200 GS and K 1600 GT / GTL models, many functions can also be controlled directly using the multi-controller on the left of the handlebars.

The BMW Motorrad Navigator V is powered by an integrated and exchangeable lithium ion battery which supplies up to four hours of power. While riding, the battery is charged via the motorcycle’s on-board power system. It can also be charged by computer via mini USB or by using an optional charging unit.

For days when the motorcycle remains in the garage, an automobile mounting kit allows the powerful GPS unit to be used as a portable navigator.  A speaker and microphone are integrated into the car kit cradle to provide audio output as well as well as a hands-free cell phone feature.


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BMW Motorrad Navigator V

BMW Motorrad Navigator V

BMW Motorrad Navigator V

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