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In Germany, the helmet requirement for motorcyclists was introduced in 1976. Since 1980, violations of this helmet duty are punished. Given the variety of helmet types available on the market, many motorcycle riders find it hard to find a suitable helmet. What should one pay attention to? What is important and what is not? Since the helmet should protect the most important part of the body at all, one should make no compromises in terms of safety. The ECE standard ECE-R 22.05 specifies how a motorcycle helmet should look and what requirements it must meet.

Of course, all motorcycle helmets from BMW meet this standard. But the helmets of BMW Motorrad - whether integral helmets, flip-up helmets, enduro helmets, open helmets or system helmets - can do more. This is confirmed again and again in many test reports of renowned motorcycle magazines. BMW motorcycle helmets are characterized by an extremely good fit, a low noise level, an optimal field of vision, excellent ventilation and excellent aerodynamic values. BMW Motorrad helmets can be easily put on and take off, sit firmly on the head without being constricted, have a pleasant lining and high-quality equipment.

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